Eldercare Basics

Caring for an older loved one?

Eldercare Basics is a 203-page ebook with answers to all your questions on every aspect of eldercare, including the questions you never knew to ask.

Along with a caregivers manual, Eldercare Basics, By Cheryl Mathieu, Ph.D., M.S.W. includes articles on specialized topics. This book is a one-stop resource with answers on legal, financial, housing, emotional, and practical situations. Answers and resources to all the questions you or your loved ones may encounter while caring for an older loved one. This book empowers you to be the best advocate possible for yourself and your loved ones.

These are some of the topics discussed and explained in this ebook:

  • deciding to be or not to be a caregiver
  • how to care for yourself while caring for others
  • avoiding caregiver burnout
  • warning signs your older loved one needs help
  • successfully communicating with your older loved ones
  • inspiration and gratitude
  • assessing the situation
  • home safety
  • to drive or not to drive
  • developing a care plan
  • advanced directives
  • essential information and documents
  • types of community resources
  • paying for long term care
  • managing a hospital stay
  • medicare basics
  • what professionals in aging are available to me
  • professional geriatric care managers
  • spirituality and meaning in life
  • preparing for end of life
  • hospice

"This is a manual you won't want to be without! It has brought me peace of mind and relieved so much stress, so I could focus on being a great daughter, and advocate." Karen C.

"I was lost without the Eldercare Basics toolbox. Now I know I'm doing the best job I can so that mom and dad can have the best care." Margaret

Price: $27

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